Become an ambassador

Ambassadors are people who actively spread out the information about the project, motivate others to join it and support us with their participation, energy, emotions and finances. Please fill in the form at the bottom of the page to become our ambassador.

What can I do as an ambassador for the project?


1. Invite new people to join our social media VK, FB, IG, Telegram. In order to invite people, you should join the community as well.


2. Make posts and reposts of our news in social media, tag our groups VK, FB, IG, Telegram and our website in your publications.


3. Give out postcards and gifts with our logotype as a project representative, disseminate seeds with instructions how to grow it yourself.


4. Tell about the project, motivate your friends to think about ecology, deforestation and the need to actively change the existing situation.



What do you get for being an ambassador?


1. Personal post on the ambassador’s page


2. The possibility to visit the eco-farm “Quite Garden” and live there for free.


3. Fancy gifts with our logotype and images (t-shirts, shopper-bags, posters, post-cards), ginkgo seeds.